TRANSNET and Its “State Of Capture”

City Press released another article today based on a leaked report by Werkmans Attorney and MNS.

In this article a call is made for charges to be laid against people associated with the Gupta Family and Brian Molefe.

Though many articles do exist on the internet which can be easily accessed with a simple search this article seems to encompass what many of the articles before it has been reporting.

As per usual I find the article to be completely biased and has no impartial view contained in it at all. Once again there is a lot of supposition made and no concrete indication of the facts from either the Journalist or the source of his article.

We will have to wait and see what happens I suppose. Luckily though I found, and Interview done with Brian Molefe in preparation for the release of this article and I find what he had to say very interesting indeed.
Here is a link the Article that was published by the City Press if you have not read it yet:

The Article is titled: Transnet Must ‘lay criminal charges against Molefe’, other Gupta Generals – damning report

I would love to know how they decide on the titles for these articles.

For your information below is the Interview done with Brian Molefe regarding this article:

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