TRANSNET 1064 (Making Sense of It) Part 1

There have been numerous articles that have been written about this transaction and a slue of allegations about corruption have been made regarding this huge Capital Expenditure Project aimed at improving the infrastructure of TRANSNET for the immediate and future requirements of the State-Owned Enterprise.

My methodology with respect to this post is simple, make all the material that I have used public so that my synopsis can be read with an impartial eye as the source documents for the synopsis are being made available to the readers.

This is revolutionary with respects to how South African media would approach this subject and have approached this subject.

My synopsis of the deal is derived from the documents which I have linked below and its through these documents that I have read and studied, I have drawn my information and conclusions from. Shocking that I would do this but because transparency is required for people make an informed decision based on facts and figures and not just conjecture.

Its my intention here to show that the facts are vastly different from the fiction that has been published in the Media since this transaction Transnet 1064 gained traction in the media.

All the conclusions I have drawn in this series are my own and based on the documentation that I have acquired through trolling the internet and searching public records for the information. Readers are welcome to disagree with my conclusions and I urge readers to do so based on the facts rather than the fiction.


When clicking the links using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Browser from your phone or computer you do not need to have a Dropbox account please click on the “continue to website” link at the bottom of the page to access the file. 

  1. The Business Case
    1. TRANSNET 1064 Business Case Table (Excel Sheet)
    2. TRANSNET 1064 Multi-Sheet Business Case Model (Excel Sheet)
      2. This link contains multiple sheets so please be sure to look at all the sheets which are displayed at the bottom of the page once you access the link.
  2. Werksmans Report
    1. I have broken the file up into three sections hence three links for the full report this is to make it easier to load for everyone.
    2. Werksmans Report (1 of 3)
    3. Werksmans Report (2 of 3)
    4. Werksmans Report (3 of 3)
  1. Responses to Enquiries About the Werksmans Report
    1. TRANSNET’s response to Enquiries about Report
    2. THAMSANQA JIYANE Response to Amabhungane Enquiry Of 24 May 2018

I will be adding to this list as I have unconfirmed information about other responses to this report that I still need to finish verifying. The verification is important because if I am stating facts then its incumbent upon me to ensure that my source documents are verified and factual.

Please follow this series as the next blog will be my written synopsis of the information contained in the links above as well articles that have been published on this subject of the TRANSNET 1064 transaction.

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