The Infamous “Arms Deal” is Jacob Zuma actually innocent?

The “Arms Deal”  that Jacob Zuma is being accused of having involvement in corrupt activities has been the focus of getting the president into court and to stand accused of unproven allegations leveled against him.

As I have trolled through the internet I have found some interesting information that casts a huge shadow of doubt on whether Jacob Zuma is actually guilty of any wrong doing in regard to the Defense Procurement transaction.

I call it “The Defense Procurement transaction” because there was no such thing as an “Arms Deal”.

Please view this clip of Pravin Gordhan being asked if he has any information of Former President Jacob Zuma’s guilt in the Defense Procurement Transaction.

Please view this video clip of Former President Thabo Mbeki casting the doubt and stating that Former President Jacob Zuma is actually innocent.

It is now up to you make a informed decision about this matter because as far as I am concerned Former President Jacob Zuma is innocent because sufficient doubt exists of his guilt as per the interview above.

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