GLENCORE being probed by USA for Irregular business activities

How the mighty are falling. Glencore is at the center of another investigation into its illicit business activities from Africa to America.

Its high time that companies like Glencore who operate without impunity and take advantage of African countries and there resources through illicit business activities.

Here is an article about the latest Probe in Glencore’s activities:

This casts serious doubt over all the stories regarding Glencore and Optimum mine that was sold to the Gupta family by Glencore.

Its my hope that all these allegations and activities reveal how the Optimum coal mine transaction and the subsequent issues and allegations against so many people is actually a design by Glencore to regain ownership of the mine.

The fact that Glencore is also closely linked to our President Cyril Ramaphosa should raise serious concerns about their activities in South Africa and the media fury that has helped them to better their position on Africa and South Africa.

I have a feeling that all the dirty laundry is about to come out about how Glencore operates.

Here are some must read articles that will shed some light on the relationship with President Ramaphosa:

Glencore CEO at home with Cyril Ramaphosa

Glencore bets big on South Africa Ramaphosa Promises revival

There are many articles that show an alarming story about Glencore and its truly strong backing of President Ramaphosa. This is very concerning and one should ask the question what does he owe this company and how will this compromise his position as the President of South Africa.

Big noises have been made about the Gupta family and Former President Zuma I wonder if similar noises will be made about President Ramaphosa and his relationships with the likes of Glencore and other wealthy families that control vast sectors of the South African Economy.




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