Eskom and its “State Of Capture”

I must admit I am feeling the fatigue of reading all the un-substantiated claims that are being made. I with very little effort find holes in the stories that are being published and I ask myself how journalists justify the printing of information for public consumption that is really one sided totally biased and acting with an impunity that they come across as Judge, Jury and Executioner.

The flagrant disregard for placing facts on the table and presenting the information that they claim their information is derived from seems to be lost somewhere because where are the facts. I want to know where the information is coming from is the source of this information qualified and have both sides of the story been heard.

If both sides have been heard, then why does the information seem biased and why is it written with the premise that guilt is the only option.

Here is an Article Published 15th of June 2018 which if you have not read yet here is the link for you to do so. I am referencing this article but it’s one of many that can be found with a similar vain of information.

The title of the Article is: “How the capture of ESKOM hits workers pockets”

I have then looked on the internet as I do and have found these two interviews done with Brian Molefe the man who is being accused of participating in the so called “Capture of Eskom”.

Please watch these two video clips below and I hope they shed some lite that will enable you to make an informed decision on what the actual truth may be.

Interview 1 

Interview 2

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