“State of Capture” – “State of Mind”

The reason for this title is because I want to define the heading used by the Previous Public Protector for her report in to the alleged corruption in government.

Thuli Madonsela Titled her report “State of Capture”, the proper interpretation of this is as follows:

Ø  “State” in this case referred to the word in the following context:

o   The condition that someone or something is in at a specific time.

Ø   “Capture” in this case referred to the word in the following context:

o   Take into possession or control by force.

The context of the phrase comes from the fact that the word “Of” was used in the title “State of Capture”.

However, what was then done was to change the context so that the media had a more controversial context with in which to publicize the story. It became “State Capture”, when the context is changed the meaning of the word “State” changed to mean, “A nation or territory considered as an organized political community under one government”.

Now that make’s a huge difference and obviously the fan fair started, and the allegations got leveled and the story grew and grew and eventually became a Media conviction of parties that at the time had byet to be found guilty in a court of law.

This has then become the “State of Mind” of the public and that of the Public Servants in the employ of government agencies which form part of the Pillars of State being:

  1. The Judiciary
  2. The Legislature
  3. The Executive

For State Capture to exist all these Pillars need to have been extensively compromised by a majority percentage exceeding 50%. In the context of South Africa this is and was not the case.

Therefore, the out of context usage of the phrase “State Capture” was reckless and irresponsible to say the very least. All it did was create an environment where the three Pillars of State were biased in the eyes of the Law and made to act in a manner that was a result of the three Pillars of State being misled.

This a Link to the full “State of Capture” report if anyone would like to read through it:

Ø  https://mg.co.za/article/2016-11-02-breaking-read-the-full-state-capture-report

Contrary to the depictions and storytelling in our newspapers the “State Capture” theme they have been selling the public is losing the battle for credibility and the vilification of President Jacob Zuma and the Gupta family are being lost by antagonists in the courts as the Rule of Law is trumping the fan fair and exposing the agendas of those whom are in the process of actually actively engaged in a program that can be referred to as “State Capture”.

Running Out Of Lies

Last week I decided to start a blog to air my views and to make public my concerns about what has been happening in South Africa as a whole.

Well lo and behold –  many of the issues that have been rumbling around in my mind have been made public as if by some fluke.

In the last few days articles have been appearing in various South African news publications that have been articulating what I have been thinking and what I have been observing has been running rampant in the media in South Africa.

Nonetheless, I will be referring to these articles in this post as I have a few comments and ideas I wish to add to what has already been published.

The above article is a true articulation of the issues that are being faced in South Africa and the article touches upon a concept that I would like to introduce here called “Unelected Power”

So, this book written by Paul Tucker called (Unelected Power) is briefly described as follows:

Compared with a couple of generations ago, huge areas of government policy are delegated to technocrats insulated from day-to-day politics. Independent regulators cover everything from competition policy to public broadcasting.

Since the financial crisis, central bankers have emerged as the third great pillar of unelected power alongside the judiciary and the military.

These technocrats pull the regulatory and financial levers of our well-being, yet unlike democratically elected leaders, their power does not come directly from the people and they cannot be voted out when, inevitably, policy goes wrong from time to time.

If we are not careful, this could slowly chip away at public confidence in our democratic system of government. Paul Tucker will lay out principles needed to address that risk, keeping Technocracy in its place.

I have taken this quote from: [http://newcityagenda.co.uk/paultucker/]

In my opinion “Unelected Power” goes broader than just the banking institutions and the Reserve Banks of nation States. As SC Ngalwana so aptly articulated in his narrative above he has said:

This does not mean the end of the road for the prosecution of the alleged offences against the Guptas. It does not mean the judge is incompetent or that the prosecution is incompetent. At best, for those of us who believe in the system, it means that the rule of law still trumps the rule of media in South Africa.

This statement is a clear intimation that the Media has played a significant role in the vilification and hate mongering that has been so evident that the Media thinks that it can call guilt before the Courts of the country, the very custodians of the Law and the rule of law. I am therefore convinced that the Media is, for all intents and purposes an “Unelected Power”. We the people, the citizens of South Africa, must make our voices heard in the face of these injustices that are being perpetrated to facilitate the aspirations and political agendas that are so blatant and without cover due to the power that the Media holds over the people of South Africa.

This is a beautiful article that shows that shows how the art of politics in combination with the “Unelected Power” seats in all governments are very capable of devising and executing with such precision their unethical and unscrupulous plans and designs to seize power from government and Leaders like Jacob Zuma who were and are brave enough to fight and change the policies that have for so long been the back bone of the “Unelected Power” mongers. It is evident that they needed to remove the obstacle that was changing the landscape of the financial draining of our country by the Mining Moguls and Technocrats from many nations who have our resources and our wealth in their sights.

Quote of the opening paragraph from the above article:

‘State Capture’ often talked about in a claim of textbook precision if not emotion by those who have found it a means to keep South Africa occupied, increasingly appears seldom supported by evidence that will stand legal muster come the hour. For some of us, it remains a hokum argument rooted in a political campaign originally crafted by the opposition and successfully carried in the court of public opinion, with an innate lucrative personal benefit for those in power.

In Conclusion:

The rule of Law stands firm in South Africa and our judiciary is competent and well entrenched as it has proven that no matter what, anybody is innocent until proven guilty. The burden of proof which lies within the Judiciary has made its judgements well and considered and because the Law and the constitution of South Africa stands firm is the reason why the embattled Gupta family is finding success in its defense of the allegations that have been waged against the family. The “Unelected Power” basis of the country are finding itself wanting as they are running out of lies. The schemes and political hackery is being exposed but I am very concerned that it has come at a very high cost to South Africa in the long term.

I intend to be exploring many other avenues and historical factors that have lead me to have grave concern for the future of South Africa. The future of our sovereignty and independence is at stake we have lost our way and our leaders have been misled to pursue avenues of considerable resource to time and focus that distracts the country from what its focus should be.

South Africa is supposed to be a beacon of hope and virtue on the African continent. The country is isolated on the world stage and this isolation is not a good thing for our nation.

I will be doing some deep dives into several tough subjects to discuss the distraction tactics that are keeping our country away from the truth and the real looting that has been happening and still is happening and to look at the looters of our economy of the past that have made a successful play to reinstate themselves as the bastions of “Unelected Power”.

Personal Note:

I am expecting that I am going to be vilified by the proponents of WMC and “Unelected Power’s” that be and that every transgression and personal issue I have ever had will be made public and my name will be dragged through the mud. I am prepared to stand my ground and I am prepared to face my accusers as they come one by one or pack by pack.

I am an adult and I am mature enough to know what I have done, I make no excuses for myself and my actions. I am just like everyone else on this planet I am fallible, and I make mistakes and I will continue to make mistakes.

However, these are my mistakes and mine alone and I don’t subscribe to the notion that my family will need to be included in whatever will come. But if it does happen that my family is used in whatever may come from my blog the Pen will remain mightier than the sword.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I look forward to your comments and discussions to come.