TRANSNET and Its “State Of Capture”

City Press released another article today based on a leaked report by Werkmans Attorney and MNS.

In this article a call is made for charges to be laid against people associated with the Gupta Family and Brian Molefe.

Though many articles do exist on the internet which can be easily accessed with a simple search this article seems to encompass what many of the articles before it has been reporting.

As per usual I find the article to be completely biased and has no impartial view contained in it at all. Once again there is a lot of supposition made and no concrete indication of the facts from either the Journalist or the source of his article.

We will have to wait and see what happens I suppose. Luckily though I found, and Interview done with Brian Molefe in preparation for the release of this article and I find what he had to say very interesting indeed.
Here is a link the Article that was published by the City Press if you have not read it yet:

The Article is titled: Transnet Must ‘lay criminal charges against Molefe’, other Gupta Generals – damning report

I would love to know how they decide on the titles for these articles.

For your information below is the Interview done with Brian Molefe regarding this article:

Eskom and its “State Of Capture”

I must admit I am feeling the fatigue of reading all the un-substantiated claims that are being made. I with very little effort find holes in the stories that are being published and I ask myself how journalists justify the printing of information for public consumption that is really one sided totally biased and acting with an impunity that they come across as Judge, Jury and Executioner.

The flagrant disregard for placing facts on the table and presenting the information that they claim their information is derived from seems to be lost somewhere because where are the facts. I want to know where the information is coming from is the source of this information qualified and have both sides of the story been heard.

If both sides have been heard, then why does the information seem biased and why is it written with the premise that guilt is the only option.

Here is an Article Published 15th of June 2018 which if you have not read yet here is the link for you to do so. I am referencing this article but it’s one of many that can be found with a similar vain of information.

The title of the Article is: “How the capture of ESKOM hits workers pockets”

I have then looked on the internet as I do and have found these two interviews done with Brian Molefe the man who is being accused of participating in the so called “Capture of Eskom”.

Please watch these two video clips below and I hope they shed some lite that will enable you to make an informed decision on what the actual truth may be.

Interview 1 

Interview 2

The Infamous “Arms Deal” is Jacob Zuma actually innocent?

The “Arms Deal”  that Jacob Zuma is being accused of having involvement in corrupt activities has been the focus of getting the president into court and to stand accused of unproven allegations leveled against him.

As I have trolled through the internet I have found some interesting information that casts a huge shadow of doubt on whether Jacob Zuma is actually guilty of any wrong doing in regard to the Defense Procurement transaction.

I call it “The Defense Procurement transaction” because there was no such thing as an “Arms Deal”.

Please view this clip of Pravin Gordhan being asked if he has any information of Former President Jacob Zuma’s guilt in the Defense Procurement Transaction.

Please view this video clip of Former President Thabo Mbeki casting the doubt and stating that Former President Jacob Zuma is actually innocent.

It is now up to you make a informed decision about this matter because as far as I am concerned Former President Jacob Zuma is innocent because sufficient doubt exists of his guilt as per the interview above.

Does Actual Evidence Of Corruption Exist, If so where is the evidence?

There is such a wealth of information being printed online and in newspapers and other print media.

Its insane how much inference is made to alleged acts of corruption and much of the information being spewed out over the internet and print media is overwhelming to say the least.

The list of Alleged acts of corruption seems to have no end and what interests me the most is the fact that there is an absence of facts.

How is it that based on unproven allegation and flimsy in construct at best in most cases have the NPA and the HAWKS hoped that they would be able to pursue any criminal charges that would make sense in the eyes of the law.

The more I am reading the articles that are floating for little more than three years now I also come across other very prominent people other than the Gupta Family and Jacob Zuma who have been accused of corrupt activities but can’t find anything beyond initial flimsy articles that seem to have been written out of some need to seem fair and impartial.

However, these don’t seem to have been followed up with the veracity that the stories and flimsy unproven allegations against the Gupta Family and Jacob Zuma are pursued.

I have also come across videos of interviews that have been done and statements that have been made about other prominent members of the South African Political community. I am going to be adding these videos and these links to this blog post and in addition to these links the videos that I have come across that shed some interesting flavor to this entire matter.

I want to be very clear here we need to ask what has happened to all these other allegations that have been made against other high-ranking politicians and funny enough the very people who seem to be driving the process behind the Allegations brought against the Gupta Family and Jacob Zuma.

I am not trying to be judge, Jury and executioner here like all the other media houses seem to have become. I am taking the information that I find that they have printed and simply asking the simplest questions.

1. What has happened these allegations and have investigations been done as aggressively as have been done to the Gupta Family and Jacob Zuma.

I may not cover this information in any discernable chronological order but will present information for any to go through at their leisure and come to an understanding how the questions of:

2. What’s happened to other people who have been accused of corruption?
3. Where is the evidence of the allegations against the Gupta Family?
4. What is trying to be achieved through the allegations currently against Jacob Zuma?

Am I attuned to what is happening in South Africa (Part 2 of 2)

As part of my previous post I want to make sure that my voice is heard, and I want to make sure that other people challenge what I am saying so that a healthy debate can start, and all points of view can be aired.

Talking about subjects such as “White Monopoly Capitol” is a reality in South Africa. WMC is not the escape clause as people suggest is used by those who benefited from business with government. State Capture and the blaming of individuals who went against WMC is no longer a sufficient escape point anymore since the blame allocated was proven to be false in the eyes of the Law.

We may have overcome colonization and have been able to get to a place where we are able to govern our country as South Africans. This is false because we have not gained control over our resources and our wealth as South Africa and the economy is still financially colonized. ” We must fight for Economic Freedom”.

I know people disagree with me in this respect, but I find that their ignorance of the truth serves to keep them from feeling guilty about having stood on the sidewalk screaming at the cars passing them by.

I speak up because we will never really be free as a nation till land distribution has been achieved, nationalization of the Reserve Bank has been achieved. Our minerals need to brought back under the control of the government and our mining charter must change to ensure that South Africa benefits from its mineral wealth.

The freedom from financial dependence needs to be realized. We will never be able to truly be free when we have no government owned banks, no black owned banks, no black women owned banks. We need to take control and release ourselves from the strangle hold that still exists on our country because we don’t control our economy.

Our policies that benefit multinational organizations needs to be reviewed, we must break free.

So, it’s simple we need to refocus our attention back onto our country and get away from the distraction that Jacob Zuma and the Gupta family is to blame for what’s wrong with South Africa, because if you haven’t yet gotten tired of the lies and clap trap then wait till the Rand is R17 to the $1 and the petrol price is R18 a liter, at which point will you say enough is enough.

When the electricity price is too high to afford because Eskom pays 3 times more for coal than its worth because of coal supply agreements that are 30 years or older.

All I have to say here is “REALLY” come on now people.

The time to speak is now, the time to challenge the system is now. Become a passenger in the car and let your voice be heard.

Let’s make change happen we cannot wait for it anymore.

Am I attuned to what is happening in South Africa (Part 1 of 2)

I have received feedback from some people who have looked at my blog and I have found that the resounding theme is that people feel I may not be attuned to what is happening in South Africa.

I would like to take a moment to respond to this and to address the question that will perhaps give insight into why I have decided to start this blog.

What is of utmost importance to me is that I want to start a dialogue that will ask the tough questions and to start a debate that will help to foster understanding based on facts.

I have remained linked and interested in the Political and Social environment in South Africa even though I have moved out of the country to pursue my dreams and aspirations elsewhere. I none the less am a South African and will always be a South African first.

I have been watching from a distance as to what has been happening and I felt that it’s important for me speak out about my thoughts because I fear that the country has entered a downward spiral that without debate and clarification of facts will perpetuate and result in disaster.

The fact that we blame one president and one family for all that ails South Africa is ludicrous and irresponsible of us as the public and the media. We are collectively through our actions and in-actions responsible for the state in which the country finds itself.

I have two analogies that I would like to present to explain why I am speaking out.

1. Let’s imagine South Africa is a person with an illness and this ill person has been to the doctor and through the process of let’s call it “Differential Diagnostics” have come up with a diagnosis that has resulted in the finding that what is making SA sick is two factors. After we have investigated all the symptoms that South Africa is suffering from. The diagnosis then requires curing the patient so that the factors creating the illness must be removed. In order to eradicate the symptoms and to make the patient better, the illness was Identified as Jacob Zuma and the Gupta Family. So, an aggressive and invasive procedure was performed to remove the cause to cure the patient being South Africa. However, we discover after having performed a violation of the Patient that the removal of the diagnosed cause did not cure the patient and that the “Differential Diagnosis” was wrong. However, the patient doesn’t get told that a mistake was made and a failed treatment is still be administered and the symptoms and illness remain. We need to diagnose the symptoms correctly and identify the cause properly or the patient will die from consistent incorrect diagnosis.

2. Let’s imagine that South Africa is a car and the car is being driven by the President of the country. The speed and direction of the car is dependent on the driver. The safety of the car and its passengers is also dependent on the driver. To have a say and to influence the speed, direction and safety of the car you must be a passenger in this vehicle so that your voice is heard, and you can ensure that the driver listens and makes speed and course adjustments as well as doing this in a safe and responsible manner. If you choose to be a bystander on the sidewalk and think that screaming at the top of your voice as the car drives past is going have any effect on the driver or the passengers, then your deluding yourself. You must get onboard and be a passenger to have your voice heard.

Throes of Business (Part 4)

3. Executive and Media

Following on my three previous blogs on this subject I would like to discuss the Executive of government and introduce another Pillar. As all governments around the world generally have three Pillars of State as has been discussed 1. The Judiciary, 2. The Legislature and 3. The Executive. There is an important Pillar that has evolved into a strategic addition which adds to the Three Pillars of State but makes up the 4th Pillar of Democracy.

The relationship between the State and the Executive is swayed and changed by many factors Politically and Socially motivated and driven. All ruling Parties have their specific campaign mandates and they elect a representative to lead the party in their bids during an election period to convince the public that they have their best interests at heart.

The Process of campaign promotion is dependent on the parties’ finances which it derives from party finance campaigns that are run to raise the money required to launch maintain and sustain a successful political campaign that will persuade the public to vote for them in an election for that party to become the ruling party which then has its Head become the President of the country post-election process.

Now this in its raw form does pose some issues as to what political parties on the hook for from the donors are who have supplied campaign finance for a Party and these trappings are usually governed by disclosures that are made by political parties as to the source of their funding to avoid that these donors are not unfairly advantaged should the party they are funding be successful in their campaign for the presidency of a country. This is the Democratic process.

Media has three roles to play 1. Information, 2. Entertainment and 3. Education.

The Media has a very important role to play as it serves as a bridge between Government and the Public. Government would be like a ship adrift at sea with the media being there to remind governments of there promises and to inform the public of what government is doing. Media however can either work to build a nation or work to divide a nation. It’s up to the public to decide what to make of the information that its provided with through the media.

Media makes the public aware of what their elected officials are doing, and media has a tremendous amount of influence. When the Media is used to push agendas, this is when the Media loses its impartiality and becomes a monger for the people who drive their content. This can have adverse effects to any government. South Africa is a prime example of this.

So, the public must know the media can lead them astray and hide the truth of what’s happening by bending the truth or telling only one side of a story. 

Media must focus in being honest and sincere in what it publishes and in doing so can be a positive force for nation building. However, this is seldom the case and the Media will do and print whatever it likes to appease the masters that they answer to.

Throes of Business (Part 3)

2 Legislature

So, I am trying think how one would go about the mammoth task of capturing the Legislature of a government. The mechanism is massive, and the number of people is enormous and the amount of I don’t know whatever you would do would just be so insane I can’t really rap my mind around this one.

There are just too many levels and too many checks and balances and too many people that would be needed to pull this off. One would need to have some super powers of mind control or something. Then it occurred to me that wait a minute there is a way and the that way is Lobbyists or (sales people of business to government) the representatives of special interest groups. What are the lobbyists selling and what would government be buying for lobbyists to have a chance to play in this field.

Policies government policies, environmental policies, rights and responsibilities of industry, legal and regulatory frameworks, licensing, mineral resources, human capital etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

I watch TV shows like “West Wing” and “Designated Survivor” shows like this are fictional representations of the inner workings of government and its relationship to big business. This is a whole new league of scary and a whole new ball game of Majors and they don’t have room for minors here.

Captains of Industry and when I say this we are talking about the big guys here. Not the ‘Nouveau Riche’ or the Johnny come lately here. These are the Pharmaceutical Giants, Large Goods Suppliers, Mining Conglomerates the people behind the people who pretend to be the people in charge.

So, what do they want, they want legislative priority for their business interests to maintain a financial and social strangle hold on the economy because whoever controls the money controls the show.

With all this conjecture above in all this massive machinery how is it that only one family and one president seem to have been implicated or drawn into an allegation run where they are accused of capturing the state. What about all the other massive businesses, banks, mining companies etc. etc. etc. that have similar if not deeper relationships with government than perhaps the Gupta family.

I can answer this question it’s because the Gupta family broke the mold exposed the STRATCOM machine for what it is. President Zuma changed policy to benefit the people and not the businesses. Therefore, they are being persecuted because those who lost needed to gain back control, because they had lost control and they were losing the war. So those who stood up to White Monopoly Capital had to be removed and punished publicly to discourage any future attempts to disrupt the true culprits of State Capture.

I know this is a ramble but its only thing that makes sense here and the only plausible scenario.

Ockham’s Razor:  “is a principle from philosophy. Suppose there exist two explanations for an occurrence. In this case the simpler one is usually better. Another way of saying it is that the more assumptions you must make, the more unlikely an explanation is.”

To be continued ……………. “The Throes of Business (PART 4)”

Throes of Business (Part 2)

Further to the previous post Throes of Business (Part 1) I am going to explore a little about what would state capture look like and what would the method be of capturing a Pillar of State in order exact some form of control either in whole or in part.

  1. The Judiciary

o   This is a massive machine with many moving parts and one would really need to be in the league of Dr. Evil to have firstly the man power, the time and the financial resources to engage in a program of bribery and corrupt activities to pull a move like capturing this organ of state.

o   I sat, and I imagined that the way the Judiciary may find itself in a state of capture would be through the means of social and career pressures by the individuals who have influence in areas that would directly affect the career paths of Prosecutors and Judges.

o   The boys club is what I am eluding to here. Like every exclusive set of scenarios there will be exclusive social circles and clubs that would exist to manage an environment where one would find likeminded people.

o   So where would these likeminded people gather and hang out I think this would be at golf clubs with high membership fees designed to maintain and create an air of exclusivity for its members and to protect the social circle that would belong to such clubs.

o   Thus, this social circle would have its own fraternity of brothers and sisters which would all attend the same social clubs, golf clubs, gyms and gala events. In other words, the who’s who of the legal world.

o   So, to sway an opinion would then be a matter of getting members to this social circle and environment as It would be where careers are made and careers and destroyed. It is natural then to assume that peoples opinions on matters related to the law and public opinion would be discussed and exchanges would be made, and ideas would be shared, and deals would be done.

o   It would be natural then to assume that if your part of the White Monopoly Capital social club that you are ensured a level of success directly related to how much you would participate in the adoption of ideas and opinions in the role you have within the Judiciary.

o   I would assume that to maintain one’s career and lifestyle that the threat of losing this status could be disastrous to one’s finances and advancement.

This is where state capture just happened in this very moment in that very action and in this very fear.

To be continued ……………. “The Throes of Business (PART 3)”

Throes of Business (Part 1)

As a budding entrepreneur I have learnt the ropes of business and the importance of relationships and how relationship management and relationship building is necessary before a bid and after a bid is won as well.

It’s important to develop a working relationship with a prospective client and important to maintain relationships with one’s current clients.

But before a client becomes a client one must develop a relationship based usually on an initial need by a prospective client for a product and or service.

As a businessmen would then sets up meetings and presentations to introduce themselves and their products or services to clients in the hope that an interest may be sparked, and further discussions and meetings will ensue from this initial engagement process.

As one develops your business and you refine your pitch you learn that people buy people and not products and that trust and confidence is engendered firstly by the person representing a company’s products and or services.

This inevitable truth about business and sales results in relationships being formed and, in most cases, friendships are developed between clients and providers.

The longevity of a client to a company is linked to the relationship that the client has with the supplier and the supplier’s ability to deliver and meet the clients requirements in a consistent and value adding manner to the client’s business and ultimately the clients bottom line.

The business relationship come friendship that naturally develops allows for service providers to better understand the client’s needs and thus better tailor the solutions required by the client to meet expectations in a qualitive and quantitive manner.

Does this mean the supplier with the better relationship edges forward in his/her business with a competitive advantage over his nearest rival in the industry segment? The answer is yes.

Thus, would this mean that every business that’s as service and or product company in existence that employs a sale force is engaging in activities that could be deemed to be that of “State Capture”.

This is a very tight rope and a very thin line to walk because where does one draw the line between a business relationship and the inevitable friendship that develops between clients and providers. It would mean that every business is guilty of “State Capture” and more so multinational large business organizations that provide products and services across the organs of state and government departments and ministries respectively.

So, if this Is a truth then why do only certain companies and individuals get singled out and have allegations brought against them when the entire spectrum of business is engaged in similar if not exact practices in the process of gaining and wining business.

To be continued…… “The Throes of Business (PART 2)”