About Me

My Name is Yusha Duarte.

I am a father, I am a husband, I am a son and I am a South African.  I am an entrepreneur who wishes to participate in the South African economy and make a positive long lasting contribution to the growth and prosperity of South Africa as a nation.

I have decided to start this blog so that I can talk about the concerns I have about the direction the country has taken in recent years which has thwarted the efforts and desires of entrepreneurs and businessmen myself from participating in a positive manner to the economy of South Africa.

As like many of you I have been following the news and events taking place both from a business and a political perspective in South Africa and have come to a point where I need to speak out about what I feel is wrong and why I feel that way.   There are many across different disciplines and sectors who are starting to step forward and I am adding my voice to theirs to expose to the real issues facing South Africa.  This will perhaps assist South Africans to see what I am seeing is happening in the country of my birth.

Silence is no longer a option and all South Africans, including myself need to move away from complacency. Its time my voice to be heard and my thoughts shared.  My hope is to engage other like minded South Africans who want to move forward and away from being silent.   Let’s engage in discussion and debate that will make a difference and collectively or singularly expose the truth that will help lead South Africa.  We can impact / sway our leadership to see the truth and work together with its citizens to overcome these challenges as it’s only as a collective, civil society and government that we can make a difference.

South Africa is still a democracy and our votes still count and we need to use this to assist our country to reach its potential. One man, one vote, one nation.

Thanks for visiting my blog where I encourage you to participate and comment whether you agree or not.  It is more important that we have a dialogue and share our thoughts. Our differences make us stronger as South Africans.  Let’s start the conversation.