Recognising the mistake when you make it again

Good Day All

It has been a few weeks since my last blog post.I like everyone else have to earn a living and I have been busy with some business transactions and my latest deal has been a complete and utter disaster.

As an entrepreneur I felt I should share with everyone one of the most valuable lessons I have learnt as a an entrepreneur.

The Lesson can be summed up in just a few words:

Recognising the mistake when I make it again.

What does this actually mean to me as a businessman making my way through the world of deals and betrayals. Every deal has a margin of risk associated with it. The greater the risk the greater the reward is the standard equation for an entrepreneur. Now a successful businessman finds a balance between risk versus reward and its through this balance that one is able to measure your success or failure. The more you risk the more you stand to loose. but if you find the right balance for you and your risk appetite and rewards balance each other then you are able to make a comfortable living.

However every entrepreneur at some point or the other risks far outweigh the rewards and you loose and this is the equation for failure. However as a businessman especially one who manage to stay afloat and also do not loose there resolve in the world of entrepreneurship come to a realisation that failure is nothing more than an opportunity to succeed.

Why is this you would ask yourself, that sounds insane and why would anyone do that. Well when you are finally able to recognise your mistakes when you make them again it means that you have learnt from your past mistakes but have not lost your sense of adventure or affinity for risk and thus you are able to brush off your losses and pickup and move forward. This is the trick to long term sustainable success in an  environment fraught with  the prospect of failure around every corner.

I have just made a another mistake by being caught up in what I believed was a good deal and I sunk my heart and soul into the deal and worked hard and overcame every challenge only to be left standing looking in at the situation and realising that the parties for whom I pledged my time and expertise where nothing more than a bunch of liars who painted a beautiful portrait but when the portrait is checked for its provenance its found to be fake.

I have a belief in the good that exists inside everyone, however from time to time I am reminded that the inherent good of man is isolated and not actually a wide spread factor but a true phenomenon.

None the less I have recognised the mistake because I have made it again and will most likely make it again in the future. However this will not deter me from success but drive me towards it because in the beginning I left everything to chance and in my later years I have always prepared a back up plan to assist me in bouncing back from a loss.

The saying that fits this best is:

Chance favours the prepared mind!!

So don’t be afraid move on and move forward for as long as you move forward and can recognise your mistakes and be brave enough to know that you will repeat them you will always prevail.



Firstly I would like to extend my condolences to the Zuma family for their loss and I pray for them during this period of mourning that they are enduring.

The NPA has absolutely no scruples whatsoever for the manner in which they have handled the situation of Duduzane’s return to South Africa to attend his brothers funeral this past weekend.

Here is what was reported in the news last week and today for you to read:

Charged for Graft

Duduzane Zuma in shackles at first court appearance

What a utter load of nonsense !!!!!!

firstly its very clear that they have no case whatsoever and that they will loos this case. This is so obviously a political stunt that will back fire on the NPA and South Africa in a very bad way. The judiciary is an utter mockery at the moment they have not made a single win in the last three rounds of court of cases they have made against the Gupta’s. Additionally to this in these reports its so blatantly obvious that they have absolutely no case as the prosecution and I am very sure that they will also need to answer for how they obtained the warrant of arrest for Duduzane, my gut tells me that they did this in a rush once more and obtained the warrant incorrectly. 

My god man they only developed there charge sheet against Duduzane over this past weekend. Which means they issued a warrant of arrest and then wrote up the charges that would apply to that warrant. This is what I call doing things ass backwards.

What a bunch of stooges, I hope that our prosecutors will soon realise that they are being played for fools by the masters they are serving in this mockery of justice and judicial procedure.

Duduzane I want to say to you that you must be strong through this period as horrible and disgusting it is you will prevail and the truth will come out and this time will pass. You don’t stand alone as there are those of us looking in from the outside we are able to see this for what it is, a political ploy and nothing more than that. We pray for you and we support you in this time.

The first article above ends as follows:


Do you think the Hawks have a strong case against Duduzane Zuma? SMS us on 35697 using the keyword GRAFT and tell us what you think. Please include your name and province. SMSes cost R1.50

I will be texting a link to this blog post of mine to show my support for Duduzane’s innocence here.

The second article affirms my belief that this is a FIASCO and a MOCKERY of justice because if they even had the sniff of a case they would not have postponed the case to 2019.

The other reason is that this is a political ploy and why this has most likely been postponed to 2019 is so that this can be used to distract the public during the national election’s in 2019 from the fact that Jacob Zuma is still the democratically elected president of South Africa and that the incumbent on the ticket may need this distraction help win the election next year.

Our country is burning and I am sad to see it happen. Change needs to be made here and this selective prosecution of people needs to stop. We must stop governing the country through the courts. This is just becoming embarrassing now.

Catch a wakeup people a dangerous president is being set in our judiciary that will have long term and far reaching consequences for everyone in South Africa. This is sad but true.


GLENCORE being probed by USA for Irregular business activities

How the mighty are falling. Glencore is at the center of another investigation into its illicit business activities from Africa to America.

Its high time that companies like Glencore who operate without impunity and take advantage of African countries and there resources through illicit business activities.

Here is an article about the latest Probe in Glencore’s activities:

This casts serious doubt over all the stories regarding Glencore and Optimum mine that was sold to the Gupta family by Glencore.

Its my hope that all these allegations and activities reveal how the Optimum coal mine transaction and the subsequent issues and allegations against so many people is actually a design by Glencore to regain ownership of the mine.

The fact that Glencore is also closely linked to our President Cyril Ramaphosa should raise serious concerns about their activities in South Africa and the media fury that has helped them to better their position on Africa and South Africa.

I have a feeling that all the dirty laundry is about to come out about how Glencore operates.

Here are some must read articles that will shed some light on the relationship with President Ramaphosa:

Glencore CEO at home with Cyril Ramaphosa

Glencore bets big on South Africa Ramaphosa Promises revival

There are many articles that show an alarming story about Glencore and its truly strong backing of President Ramaphosa. This is very concerning and one should ask the question what does he owe this company and how will this compromise his position as the President of South Africa.

Big noises have been made about the Gupta family and Former President Zuma I wonder if similar noises will be made about President Ramaphosa and his relationships with the likes of Glencore and other wealthy families that control vast sectors of the South African Economy.